Hong Kong and Macau Part 3: Asiana Business Class Lounge at ICN


I landed in Seoul feeling well rested thanks to my fight in Asiana’s Quadra Smartium Business Class, but the breakfast before landing left me a bit hungry. I had a few hours before my flight to Hong Kong and headed straight for the Asiana Business Class Lounge, which is on the second floor of the terminal.

The entrance to Asiana's Business Class Lounge.

The entrance to Asiana’s Business Class Lounge.

Note that there are separate First and Business Class Lounges for Asiana at ICN. I wondered whether or not my Star Alliance Gold status would get me in to the First Class Lounge, but the Business Class Lounge attendants confirmed that I’d only have access to the Business one. Not a big loss. I would have had access to this lounge regardless of my Star Alliance status since my award ticket was in Business Class.

It was early morning, so it was a little quiet in the lounge when I got there. You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of pictures and the lack of quality pictures, because one of the lounge workers was insistent that pictures were not allowed (I was warned twice). I didn’t feel like getting kicked out of the lounge so I tried to be discreet and not go overboard.

The lounge felt and looked like a library; it was very quiet and there were bookshelves all over the place, and plenty of seating. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures of the food area because of the aforementioned warnings I received, but you can at least see the general size of it in the third picture below (it takes up the entire far wall).

Seating Area 1

Seating Area 2

Seating Area 3

Seating Area 4

 Breakfast was set up with both Western and Asian options. I wasn’t too hungry since I had the breakfast on the plane, but I definitely did want something more. I opted for some scrambled eggs with croissants, both of which were as good as you can expect them to be. There was also a salad bar, noodle and rice options, and other small items like yogurts and fruits.

Sometimes the basics are the best!

Sometimes the basics are the best!

After checking a few emails I decided to walk around to see what else the lounge offers. There were several showers available, but they had to be reserved before you’d be allowed to use them. I wasn’t there long enough to make use of one, though it would have been nice after a 13 hours flight. There were also several rooms with massage chairs, most of them providing a good view of the airport for plane-watching.

It looked great, but I didn't have time to make use of it!

It looked great, but I didn’t have time to make use of it!

Not the best view, but you shouldn't complain when you're sitting in a massage chair.

Not the best view, but you shouldn’t complain when you’re sitting in a massage chair.

And I have to take my obligatory picture of the high-tech toilet seat, at least when I’m in the more advanced countries in Asia. Again, didn’t make use of it, but this time it wasn’t due to time…I’m pretty intimidated by these things. What if you push the wrong button and it sprays back at you or something?

Not the most advanced toilet in the world, but it definitely has a few more buttons than mine at home!

Not the most advanced toilet in the world, but it definitely has a few more buttons than mine at home!

It was time to head to my next flight after this last picture, so I headed out. Again, sorry for not getting more/better pictures of this lounge, but I was severely limited with the lady practically following me around. Plenty of other bloggers have reviewed the same lounge so feel free to use Google to find a more comprehensive review!


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  1. I’ll be there on Friday between flights. Since I am also traveling Business Class I appreciate the info on the Business Class lounge. Too often we hear only about First Class.

    • There wasn’t a bar, but there was a small selection of beverages in the kitchen area. It was really early in the morning when I was there so people were mostly going for juices and water from what I saw.

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