Get Up To 150K Membership Rewards Points for the Business Amex Platinum Card

Devaluations have hit hotel and airline loyalty programs pretty hard the last couple of years. That means redemption levels have increased significantly for some programs, particularly Hilton and United, but also with Southwest, Hyatt, Club Carlson, and Delta in recent months. This is a fact of life for loyalty programs and should be expected by us customers, and it’s also why I always urge people to burn their miles/points sooner rather than later.

An interesting game starts to be played with banks that offer miles/points bonuses for signing up for credit cards. Airlines, hotels, and the banks that offer bonus points know their most frequent customers and many others are well aware of these devaluations. It makes sense, then, that credit card offers begin to rise as award charts also start to charge higher prices. We saw the personal Amex Platinum card with a 100K bonus last year and the still-available 100K American Airlines miles offer from Citi. The British Airways Visa from Chase regularly offers 100K Avios as a bonus as well. The common theme that’s starting to emerge is that each requires a large amount of spending – $10K for the Citi AA card and $20K for the Chase British Airways card.

Tonight, I came home to find several gifts waiting for me in the mail – 6 targeted Amex Business Platinum offers: 3 for 100K Membership Rewards points and 3 for 150K Membership Rewards points. I don’t recall ever seeing a bonus as high as 150K points/miles, especially not those that are as valuable as Amex points are. Like the other mega-offers, this Amex 150K offer requires $10K of spending in 3 months.

Oh how wonderful it is to see this when you return home from a trip!

Oh how wonderful it is to see this when you return home from a trip!

A few important notes about these offers:

  • They are Business Platinum Card offers. You’ll probably be targeted if you have an existing business relationship with Amex.
  • These are generally transferable to other people. You used to be able to change the name/address after entering the RSVP code online. I haven’t tried doing this with this batch of offers.
  • The Platinum card offers tons of benefits, but comes with a hefty $450 fee that is not waived. A $200 airline credit helps offset a portion of that fee.
  • You will no longer have access to US Airways or American Airlines club lounges.
  • If you need help with the minimum spend requirement, check out this post.

So go out there and check your mail, and if you weren’t targeted then ask some friends/family that have businesses to see if they might have received this offer that they’re willing to share. I already have plans for these offers, so I’m sorry I can’t share this time!


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  1. Any clue why you received 6 of them on the same day? It would seem as if you’ve got 6 business relationships with them or something. I’ve got an SPG biz card and I’ve not been targeted for this yet. Maybe I haven’t put enough spend on it. Wonder what the pattern is? 150k is huge. Congrats!

  2. Wow, congratulations! Are you planning on sharing the extra offer codes you won’t be using with anyone, or would you rather not, due to privacy concerns? I’ve been waiting on applying for Amex Business Gold/Platinum, hoping to see a good offer, and I’ve never seen one that high.

    • I have plans to share these with family/friends. If there’s a leftover one I *might* hold a contest to hand it out.

      • Hi
        I’ve received a 150k platinum business offer, and applied/approved,
        Around 10 days later I received same business 100k offer platinum,
        Can the same businees have 2 cards?
        Should I apply iy under same social? Or just same business and different socials?

  3. Wow. I’m jealous. Any idea what criteria Amex used to target you with the higher offers? Is it spend, revenue, or some other metric?

    • I don’t know exactly what they used to determine offers. Generally they go off of spend and the current product I have (Business Gold), so they knew I was eligible for the Biz Plat. Otherwise I’m not sure.

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