Yes, the My Vanilla Debit Website is Down

MVD website down

Edit: Ariana of pointed out that the website went back up,just minutes after I made this post (go figure). It has been intermittent for a few days so keep checking if you need to.

I’ve been getting tons of questions regarding the My Vanilla Debit card website asking why they can’t get access to it, so I thought I’d write a quick post on the subject. As far as anyone can tell, it’s simply a major IT issue and there should generally be nothing to worry about. It was up briefly during the weekend but is down once again.

In my previous post regarding MVD accounts being shut down, I mentioned that I’m personally not an active user of the card. That means I can’t provide my personal experience with this issue, but I can relay what I’ve heard and read from others. Per comments from the FlyerTalk thread, which has lot’s of great info, there are reports of all transactions being declined – not just the popular cash advances.

Several people have noted that they’d prefer not to even risk doing a cash advance right now for fear of the transaction being “lost” in cyberspace. As a precaution, I recommend holding off on doing a cash advance until their systems are back up again. If you’re hoping that an account that was previously on hold is now active, I wouldn’t count on it…but you can still hope!

Note that this has no effect on Vanilla Reload cards or the Vanilla Reload website. You can still buy VRs and load them to your various accounts, though I wouldn’t try loading it to a MVD card. As always, make sure your receipt says “Activated” for each of the VRs you purchase.


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