When is It OK to Take Off Your Pants on a Plane?

I’m at FTU DC right now, and I had somewhat of a traumatizing experience on my flight over. I flew via US Airways going from SNA-PHX-DCA, and was only upgraded on the first (shorter) leg of the trip. That meant that I had a 4 hour flight in Economy, which I didn’t think would be that bad since I was traveling with family in the seats next to me.

On the other side of the aisle, however, was a young lady who seemed to be a little warm. So much so, in fact, that she decided to air out the lower half of her body. I had to take a picture, and if nothing else, it was a reminder of how important it is for me to travel in a premium cabin.

For reals? Yeah...for reals.

For reals? Yeah…for reals.

But at the same time, I simply wouldn’t have this interesting of a story to tell if I was up front. So I ask…when is it OK to take off your pants on a plane? Even a little bit?


  1. Aptraveler says:

    Wow, I hope for your sake that she didn’t ventilated too much!

  2. Thank god I travel with antiseptic wipes. I’m going to start wiping down coach seats in addition to everything else I can get my hands on. Or that someone’s else’s booty might have touched. Gross!

  3. The only situtation where it’s okay to take my pants off on a plane is when I am changing into my pajamas.

  4. Maybe she needed the extra space as she is overflowing onto the armrest.

  5. There is no good reason, except when your pants are on fire. FA’s didn’t say anything to her?

  6. Just passin thru says:

    I gotta ask, if she were say 21 or so, and thin, and decent looking….how would this conversation go?

    Having asked that question, I will ask this – why didn’t you contact a FA to address it?

    • Travel Summary says:

      Well the conversation would probably be very different. But I didn’t contact a FA because I simply looked away and didn’t want to bother with it again!

  7. I sent this link to everyone I know! It made their day!

    I’m glad you waited until she had some food on her tray to take the picture. :)

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