Very Cheap Weekly Car Rentals from Budget Using Coupons!

There are a couple of stackable promos from Budget that can be used to get some pretty great discounts on weekly car rentals. I was able to snag a weeklong rental in Honolulu for $61 plus taxes for a total of roughly $131. This is a great rate in my opinion and can be used all over the US as far as I know.

This is valid from 5/1/13 – 6/30/13 and 8/15/13 – 9/30/13. I had to try a couple of different dates so you might have to play with it.

Simply go to, and click the box for “use an offer code.” In the offer code box, enter W852873 and in the coupon code box enter MUGZ041. Click continue to get to the results page, which lists the prices (not including taxes and fees).

Enter the codes and select your location and dates.

Enter the codes and select your location and dates.


These don't include taxes and fees.

These don’t include taxes and fees.

Click on the “pay now rate” to get 10% off and to be taken to a full summary of the rental, including a breakdown of the taxes and fees. Hawaii has some steep taxes and fees, but a rate of $18/day is pretty darn good if you ask me.

Not that bad!

Not that bad!

This can be replicated in Los Angeles and New York to my knowledge, and is sure to work elsewhere as well. Don’t forget to book with your United card for the best collision coverage! Hopefully this helps some upcoming travelers.



  1. Thanks – just booked a standard SUV on Kauai 9/24-10/1 for less than I had a full-size car reserved through Costco Travel – it wasn’t a screaming deal, but I’ll take a bigger car for less money any day.

  2. Great post! I found the discount codes with Avis are giving me the best
    price usually. I used about half a dozen and it’s normally 50% (often
    80%). I never had trouble with the rentals and had some spectacular
    Mercedes upgrades in Europe.

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