Ultra Cheap Flights from the US to Around the World! Book Now! (Expired)

I’ve written before about how The Flight Deal is one of my favorite websites. Today I woke up to see one of their posts showing some fantastic fares being published from a Norwegian website on most flights that United Airlines flies. These are ULTRA-low fare prices. I booked LAX-IAD-DXB (Los Angeles to Dubai) for $281 all-in in economy round trip. Read this post for instructions and cautions on how to book the fare via http://www.Wideroe.no (copy/paste into your browser…no sense in letting them see lots of clicks from a particular website/post!).


For economy, this is worth it!

For economy, this is worth it!


Flights are available to India, Europe, and the Middle East from many US airports. BOOK NOW because this will not last. I did not receive a ticket number yet (just a confirmation) but many people have received their ticket numbers.

As with all deals like this, there is a possibility of the fare getting cancelled. I recommend you not book your hotels other make other plans just yet. These fares should be cancellable within 24 hours as well, so book now and think later! I’ve found great availability through March, though some people have been able to book April and beyond.

Good luck, and happy travels!


    • Book one at a time. I had the same problem trying to book for myself and a friend. Either that or maybe the dates you’re using aren’t valid?

      Btw…$500 is still a fantastic price!

    • I just entered it as a UK phone number (I don’t plan on getting a phone call from them anyway). The website is wonky so don’t click the back button. Restart your search and then use the drop down to select the UK (+44) option. It should work.

  1. I was just looking through my rss feed and saw that my girlfriend and I have the same routing as you. LAX-IAD-DXB in April for $270. Between FlyDubai and BA Awards on QR I think this is the perfect opportunity to see the middle east on the cheap. I just ok’ed the suspicious charge with Amex so hopefully our ticket numbers come through ASAP.

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