Travel Summary’s 2013 Year End Stats, Top Posts, and the Future

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I try not to do many “filler” or “fluff” posts, but this is probably one of them. Feel free to stop reading now if you hate them, but for everyone else I thought this might be useful for a few reasons. First, because I’m always curious about how much traffic certain websites or blogs get, so perhaps there are others that are curious about my blog’s statistics. After all, I like to run my blog the way I think others should be run.

Second, I’m certain that I gained a lot of new followers the year and they likely didn’t go back to read all my old material, so a “top posts” list could be useful to some. Third, I like to keep readers up-to-date about the blog, so the “future” section below will be interesting for some.

So here we go…




Travel Summary Year-End Statistics 2013

Travel Summary Year-End Statistics 2013


According to Google Analytics, Travel Summary achieved 265K page views from 100K unique visitors. To be quite honest, that blows my mind. That’s a lot to me. I know it pales in comparison to most other blogs (Gary Leff of View from the Wing mentioned he got a million unique visitors in 2013), but I’m very proud of the number. We’ll see if I can match it in 2014!


Most-Read Posts of 2013

1. Beginners Guide to Redeeming Points – British Airways Avios (and Oneworld Alliance)

This one was BY FAR the most read post. Hopefully that means it’s helping people! Some of the screen shots are outdated, but the information is still reliable. Read the comments for additional help since people ask questions!

2. Cheap Points via Green Dot MoneyPak Reloads at RiteAid

A not-so-close second place was this post. It was popular and unpopular at the same time – I actually received several emails and messages asking me to take it down because people were worried I’d “kill” the deal. I politely declined because I’m way too small of a blog for enough people to take advantage of it. This trick is still possible, but not with the fee-free version (as far as I know).

3. Amazing Deal! Possible 100K Points Offer for Personal Platinum Card! [EXPIRED]

The 100K Amex deal helped me gain a lot of popularity, and was available for less than a day after I posted it. Thanks to everyone that clicked on my affiliate link for this card!

4. What to Do with Your New Amex Platinum Card

People were still visiting my blog a lot from the 100K offer and I got a lot of questions on the benefits, so I put together a post that would help people figure out what to do.

5. Beginners Guide to Redeeming Points – United Airlines (and Star Alliance)

My “Beginners Guide” series seems to be pretty popular! The United Airlines/Star Alliance one is very similar to the Avios one, and I get a lot of views on it on a regular basis.

6. Make Money and Earn Points on Your $1,000 PIN-Enabled Visa Gift Cards! [EXPIRED]

This deal is what this game is all about – earning the most amount of points possible while using the least amount of money…or making the most money in this case. This deal isn’t available anymore unfortunately. Most of my views came from Frequent Miler, who kindly linked to this post in two of his own posts.

7. Beginners Guide Part 5: There are LOTS of Ways to Earn Points

This was originally going to be a “how to meet minimum spend requirements” post, but manufactured spending has really grown the last year. This post details some of the more popular (or my favorite) ways to earn points cheaply.

8. Introducing the Bluebird/Chase Ink Award Cost Charts

I decided to put some numbers behind our Vanilla Reload manufactured spending. This post was fun to write and it seems like a lot of others enjoyed reading it. It’s definitely one of my favorites!

9. United Devaluation – UA Significantly Devalues Award Chart as of 2/1/14

This one needs no explanation – but it’s a good reminder. Use your UA points over the next 2 weeks!

10. Sometimes it’s Better to NOT Transfer Your Ultimate Rewards Points

This is one of those things that’s very easy to forget, but could save you a lot of points. Keep this in mind when you’re booking travel!


The Future

My regular readers know that I’ve lost all affiliate links other than those from Barclay’s. The thing is, while writing this blog is fun and while I really enjoy helping people travel, I want to be able to make money. I’m looking for a way to make that happen.

One of the ways that can help make that happen is if I join a blogging network. I’ve made some initial inquiries over the past few months. Many people have suggested I join some networks and a few people told me to run away from other networks, but I have yet to decide what I really want to do. When I started this blog I wanted to remain independent. That’s still true today, but can you blame me for wanting to make some cash?

I’ve been considering adding a award booking service (like everyone else already has), but I’m not sure there’s really a demand for it. If you’re interested in this service from me, I’d be curious to hear about it. I’ve also been considering doing something a little different by booking flights for people using my own points in return for cash – people would stand to save money on a flight they had to book anyway and I get cash for my points and knowledge of booking flights. The only problem is this is technically against frequent flyer program rules, but it’s difficult to enforce. I’ve also thought about doing another consulting-type service and even wrote the post for it 2 months ago, but I’m not sure I want to do that yet so I haven’t clicked “publish” just yet.

All of these money-making options take time, and I still have a day job. Yes, travel and blogging is a lot more fun than my normal job, but my normal job pays the bills. If I could replace the income from that job by blogging, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

For now, expect that my posts will continue to be sporadic. I hope that they’ll continue to be useful to people…at least enough to maintain or grow the amount of views and readers I had in the last year.

To my readers: THANK YOU for the support. Some of you have used my affiliate links when available and I really, really appreciate it. Feel free to email me or tweet me anytime with questions and I’ll do my best to help out.



  1. I think you’re great and I love your site. I always read your posts and I am proud to be one of your 100,515 visitors 🙂

    Keep up the great work. Look forward to seeing your next steps!

  2. Congrats on finishing out the year strong despite losing those links. I found your discussion of losing the referral links refreshing, and honest. Keep it up, good things will come along in time.

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