Travel Summary – 9/27/13

Travel Summary


I’ve been busy so it’s been a while since I posted anything substantial. A long Travel Summary post of interesting articles this past week will have to suffice for now!

  • Just Another Points Traveler walks us through her credit card cancellation calls and retention offers!
  • The Flight Deal posts some amazing deals from the US to Europe!
  • Million Mile Secrets is hiring two full-time employees to write for his blog!
  • View from the Wing writes about how to find Business Class seats for the entire family! And specifically, to Asia!
  • Travel with Grant is hosting a dinner at FTU this weekend!
  • Mr. Pickles spilled the beans on a cheap way to get to Asia using Avianca Taca miles!
  • The Points Guy writes about a Hertz devaluation!
  • Really old news, but Buzzfeed writes about the legendary “Pudding Guy” and how he collected over 1.25 million miles!
  • 360Cities has the second highest-resolution photo ever, and it’s of Tokyo! You can zoom for miles without losing clarity!


  1. How exciting !!!!!!!!!!!



    Time to admit this blogging game isn’t for you!!!!

    • Travel Summary says:

      Show me where it says bloggers have to write more frequently than I do. I write whenever I want, and I like it that way.

  2. Dont worry the comment above, everybody has an opinion but does nothing in actuality. got a question about a buzz at OD in your area Irvine. I was at OD in HB, GG and Anaheim and there was a sign at the GC rack that said, 50-500 cash only. anyway I could not purchase any visa GC $200 to earn 5x, could you confirm this in your area ? I wonder if this becomes a national policy and kill a 5x liquidating opportunity.

    • Travel Summary says:

      $200 gcs are still fine at the stores I frequent in the OC. All of the ones you’ve been to have that new policy?

  3. oh, thanks for the summery on all the blogs, nobody can get to all of them in a week.

  4. I like the quick summary because I don’t have time to follow up and read blogs from all the other bloggers.
    I think we all understand that you have other things in your own life that you need to attend to and this is not your full time job, right? Thank you for researching and writing and keep up the wonderful work! :-)

    • Travel Summary says:

      Thanks choi and VT…I appreciate the kind words! I definitely have a full time job that takes up most of my life, so this is just a hobby for now (although I’d love to do it full time, but I clearly can’t survive without a “real job” yet).

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