Travel Summary – 3/27/13

Travel Summary


Apparently people really like my Travel Summary posts so I’m going to start doing more of them again (but I’m not sure what that says about my other posts). Thanks everyone for the feedback!

  • The Points Guy found a workaround to the free Avis rental car deal by booking through United!
  • Deals We Like reminds us that today is the LAST DAY to book Hilton points on the old (favorable) chart!
  • Lucky points out that the Four Seasons hotel will start a loyalty program later this year!
  • Loyalty Lobby reports that SPG Platinum members that re-qualify this year will receive a new gift!

Happy travels!


  1. who exactly likes the posts? didn’t see any comments about it. i think it’s the least original and least creative thing you do here. normally a big fan, though.

    • After the 3/26 post, I received emails that said they appreciate these posts. I also notice that these are some of the most viewed posts I have when they’re posted.

      Totally agree that’s it’s the least original, and in fact there’s no originality, but these are the types of posts I made when I started the blog so it seems that at least my early followers like them. Thanks for your support, even if you don’t like these particular posts!

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