The Second Annual Travel Summary Awards!

2nd Annual Travel Summary Awards


Welcome to the Second Annual Travel Summary Awards. These awards have been created to recognize the outstanding contributions made by our favorite points and travel bloggers, as voted on by the readers themselves.

Last year’s awards were surprisingly fun for me and popular to readers, and people at FTU and the Chicago Seminars have mentioned it to me saying they’re interested in seeing another one. I can honestly say that this one is back by popular demand! If you missed it last year, check out the results in this post.

I learned a lot last year about how I should run these awards. I allowed write-in voting in the “other” option of each category, something I will not be doing this time. People also asked me to add blogs to certain categories – I will not be doing that either. I’ve listened to suggestions all year and incorporated some, but this time all nominees and categories have been picked completely by me.

There are still no prizes for the winners…just bragging rights. Voting will commence as soon as this post goes live and voting ends at 11:59PM PST on 1/15/14. Results will be analyzed and announced at the end of January, and the complete voting results will be made public thereafter just as it was last year.

So without further ado, here are 2013’s Award Categories and Nominees!

*You are only allowed one vote. If you’ve already voted, the poll may no longer show up in your browser.*

Happy Voting!



        • The way I see it, your website isn’t specifically related to travel/points – it’s finance and income. You are not eligible for these awards because of that.

          • Hmm. The blogs and bloggers that have given me the best travel and points help/advice in the past year were: Saverocity, Milenomics and TBB. Too bad I can’t vote for Saverocity anywhere. If you see Saverocity as strictly finance and income, you aren’t reading enough of the blogging done there!

          • It’s definitely a helpful website for many, but I didn’t think it merited a spot this year. It’s a very competitive group – there’s always next year.

          • “this time all nominees and categories have been picked completely by me.”

            I already voted, and can’t see the contenders for each category, but I seem to remember Travel Summary as a contender. I hope I am wrong – so many bogs have similar names – because It doesn’t seem very objective if you nominated yourself!

  1. Maybe you are right, the only blogs I read out the entire list are:

    Travel is Free
    Frequent Miler
    Travel Blogger Buzz

    The first 3 I look to as sites that have content that I would aspire to write, Buzz is good fun. The rest of your list either I don’t read or have never heard of, though I am sure they are great people, so maybe I shouldn’t make this list.

    I’ll still take the vote from Elaine (and one from me) making me 2 for best ‘hard to categorize’ blog, and likely in the lead there. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

    • I did that last year and it didn’t work out very well. I will re-evaluate the process again for next year’s selections.

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