I’m Losing My Affiliate Links

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I’ve always kept you (readers) updated with different aspects of how I run my blog. One of the most popular topics has been affiliate links. I’ve tried to be open and honest about how they work to the extent possible, and there’s a clear interest in them because of the lack of information readers have about them.

The biggest revenue generator for a points blogger is through credit card affiliate links. There are several different affiliate companies that make these links available. I’ve shared my thoughts on affiliate links and companies several times before already.

So here’s the deal: I’ve used Credit Karma as my affiliate company for the last 6 months. They’re not as great as Flex Offers is, but they were willing to work with me and the payout structure was very favorable. I didn’t get direct links to credit cards – I only got links to “comparison pages” and I only got paid if someone first clicked on my link and then applied from the comparison page. The credit card offers are exactly the same, but it was basically an extra, slightly annoying step. But ong story short, I don’t make enough money for Credit Karma to keep me on as an affiliate.

I’ll won’t go into the whole story in this post – I’ll save that for a post in a few days. Right now I just want to say that I’m losing my affiliate links as of tomorrow, 10/11/13. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, but I think it would be silly if I didn’t let people know and ask them to use my links by 10/11 if they were already planning to do so.

So if you were planning a churn/app-o-rama and were planning to use my links, I would greatly appreciate it if you would do so by tomorrow. The links are on my Credit Cards page as alwayas. If it’s not possible for you to apply by tomorrow, no biggie. I appreciate that you’re even reading this post, so that’s more than enough support.

Look for a very interesting post regarding affiliate links in the coming days!



  1. It happens to be as a matter of fact that I needed to churn since yesterday and had been letting it aside for whenever I had time. I will totally put my 2 grains of salt with your links as I really find what you write informative and helpful! Keep up the awesome posts!

    • Thanks for helping keep us informed.

      Ron, You don’t need to read the blog if you you find it’s not to your liking. Why do you feel the need to come here and complain. There are other blogs, but you won’t like them either.

  2. Approved for the southwest premier and southwest business as well as the barclays arrival via your links by credit karma! 😀

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