Get the Chase Hyatt Credit Card with a $50 Statement Credit

There have been various offers for the Chase Hyatt credit card over the last year with regards to statement credits and waived annual fees. The normal, public offer, however, has always included the standard $75 annual fee that isn’t waived. I figure it’s worth writing about this for anyone that either never knew about this or is unsure what the best current deal is.

And if the title wasn’t clear enough, the best current deal is that you’ll get charged the annual fee, but you’ll receive a $50 statement credit after your first purchase. This makes the effective annual fee for the first year just $25, which is a great value in my opinion. Here’s how you obtain this offer:


Go to and search a random date for a hotel in Los Angeles (many, but not all, other cities work. I know for sure that LA does).

Just do a basic search.

Just do a basic search.


Click “Check Rates” next to a hotel. I picked The LA Hotel Downtown.


Pick a hotel.

Pick a hotel.


Next to the cheapest rate, click “Book”.


Click book - you don't need to actually book it.

Click book – you don’t need to actually book it.


Scroll down to the credit card section and you should see an add for the statement credit.


And there you have it!

And there you have it!


After you click on the ad, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Hyatt account and then you’ll be able to apply.


Just sign in, apply, and hopefully you'll get approved like I did!

Just sign in, apply, and hopefully you’ll get approved like I did!


I used this method myself last week and thought it was worth writing about, so hopefully others will find this useful as well. Good luck!



  1. Ack – just got my Hyatt card and didn’t see this post until now. Should have done a bit more research before applying instead of waiting until AFTER applying.

    • Send Chase a secure message online saying that you saw the better offer! They may very well give you a statement credit or some extra points for your trouble!

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