On Friday 11/30, all manner of travel and points nerds will descend on the Sheraton Gateway hotel near LAX for a conference about, well, travel and points! The schedule was posted earlier this week and it looks like there will be some great seminars for both beginners and the more advanced folks, and all of them will be led by experts in the field.

This will by my very first conference of this kind, and I’m really looking forward to it. Why? Networking and learning! And not networking as in getting to know someone just so they can help you out one day down the road (though that is a benefit). Getting to know someone that you read about (or that reads about you) can prove to be extremely valuable, and in-person interactions are just so much more meaningful. Putting a face to a name just makes the relationship more tangible. We’re always sitting behind our computer reading about amazing trips and points schemes, so why not hear it in-person? It should be a blast for an addict like myself!

I’ll be staying at the host hotel during the weekend. If you want to meet up, tweet me! I’ll try to get to the MileValue In-N-Out dinner on Saturday night as well. There’s two full days, so I’m sure there will be plenty of time for everyone to meet who they want!

I’ll try to do some play-by-play tweeting so make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on what’s going on!


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