Free Hyatt Platinum Status and Special Diamond Fast Track [EXPIRED]

This probably wont last long!

This probably wont last long!


EDIT: As predicted, this offer did not last very long and is now expired.


Hyatt has a special offer for Microsoft Employees that gives mid-tier Platinum status for free. It looks like this promotion works for all people though, so if you happen to be without the Chase Hyatt credit card, which also provides free Platinum status, then this might be worth signing up for.

Equally valuable is the Diamond fast track that’s noted. If you complete 20 stays or 40 nights at Hyatt properties in 2014, you’ll get Diamond status through February 2016. This is a solid offer and should be useful for those looking to switch to Hyatt. The normal Diamond Challenge that’s available right now requires only 12 nights, but requires you to achieve them in 60 days. It gives you a taste of Diamond status during the 60 day trial, but it also only earns you Diamond until February 2015.

This promotion, however, gives you all of 2014 to achieve just an extra 8 stays, and also gives you Diamond status for another full year. That’s a very strong offer in my opinion.

Deals like this are not meant for the public and will likely be pulled very soon. I recommend you sign up for this whether or not you plan to use it. Heck, it might even make sense to create a new Hyatt account and sign it up for this promotion just in case you want to use it later on! Note that Hyatt can always choose not to honor this, but it’s worth a shot.

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