Earn Referral Points with Chase Ultimate Rewards

I’ve written about credit card affiliate links quite a few times, and they’re some of my most popular posts. But now you can sort of be your own affiliate. News came out this week that Chase is now offering a referral bonus of 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points for every person you refer, up to 10 people and 50K points on the Sapphire Preferred and Freedom cards.

 Update: Some people are reporting trouble with the Freedom card link.

Refer up to 10 people for 50K points!

Refer up to 10 people for 50K points per card!


That means that you can earn 50K points on each of your cards. And if you happen to be one of the lucky ones with two Sapphire Preferred cards or two Freedom cards (a MC and Visa version of each), then you can potentially earn 200K total points…if you have a ton of friends that want to sign up for credit cards, that is. You can refer people by email, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s not the most lucrative offer in the world, but 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points are worth at least $100 in my book. You guys know that I have some referral links on my Credit Cards tab, but if you’re curious, I’d actually rather take these points than the referral money (*hint hint*).

Now get out there and push your referral links!



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