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There are Several Buy Miles Offers, But Which Should You Take Advantage Of? Logo

Sometimes we don’t have the patience or time to accumulate miles through Manufactured Spending, but we also don’t want to pay full price for the premium cabin airfare or high-end hotel. For situations like this, buying points is sometimes an acceptable middle ground because of it’s speed and simplicity. While you can generally buy points/miles…

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US Airways Charging Fuel Surcharges On Some Carriers?

Dividend Miles

Note: I debated whether to post this yesterday but decided not to. Now that another blogger has, I think it’s fair game. Canadian Kilometers pointed out a FlyerTalk thread yesterday morning that indicates US Airways is charging a fuel surcharge for some partner award bookings. FlyerTalk user Nepal72 said he was told by a US…

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American Airlines and US Airways Devalue Without Notice

AA and US

In my opinion, the dirtiest trick a loyalty program has is to raise the cost of awards without giving customers any notice. I can’t think of a worse way to treat your customers, particularly the ones that fly you the most, than to not give them a warning about changes to their rewards program. This…

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Barclay’s Bank Adds an Online Shopping Portal for Bonus Points

Yay for more points-earning options!

One of the easiest ways to accumulate additional points/miles is by simply doing all your shopping online. For example, Nordstrom recently had a Men’s Half Yearly sale. I went to the store to look around and try things on, took note of the items/sizes I wanted, then came home to buy those items online through…

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Food Wars: Domestic American Business vs US Airways First

A couple of weeks ago I flew Business class on American Airlines from Toronto to Los Angeles. It was the first time I’d flown anything other than Economy class on American as I rarely travel with them, and I was very curious to compare it to US Airways’ First Class experience since that’s the airline…

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