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Manufactured Spend Example: First Class to Asia

Cathay Pacific First Class TV.

Earning the points you need for that dream vacation might not be as hard as you think if you plan ahead. I think it’s useful, especially to beginners, to provide an example of the cost breakdown of manufactured spending to prove it’s worth, so this post should serve as a manufactured spend example of how…

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How to Use Gift Cards and Money Orders to Manufacture Spend

This one is a favorite among MSers.

Update: Note that Vanilla branded gift cards (like the ones pictured below) no longer work. Other Visas, like the ones sold at grocery stores and certain malls, do still work.   One of the most popular ways to manufacture spend (i.e. rack up a ton of miles/points cheaply) right now is by buying PIN-enabled gift…

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How to Use Bluebird and Vanilla Reloads


Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? UPDATE: Note that you can no longer purchase Vanilla Reloads from CVS and most other locations using a credit card. Some locations do still allow it, but it’s VERY regional and VERY YMMV. You can still load Bluebird with PIN-enabled gift cards by taking them to any…

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Your Current Options for Earning 5x on Credit Cards

It has 5x drugstores!

Earning 5x points/cash back is pretty much the best you can do right now, and there might be more options than you think to earn it. There are the regular options that you’ve heard of over and over (i.e. the ones with affiliate links) and then there are the ones that are seldom discussed (i.e.…

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The Google Wallet Card – Now Available, But Not That Great

Google Wallet Card

  Google likes to tease the points world with the Google Wallet program in my opinion. They added the ability to pay people for free via any credit card that you loaded into Google Wallet, and the points world thought it would be the new and improved Amazon Payments (see Frequent Miler’s post on it).…

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Manufactured Spend Updates from Around the Web

There have been a few changes recently that impact some people that participate in “manufactured spend,” which is basically spending a lot of money on your credit card buying items (usually gift cards) that you can easily liquidate for a very small fee. Here are some of the recent happenings:   Bluebird Can Now be…

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The Aftermath of the Home Improvement Gift Card Deal

The recent Home Improvement Gift Card (HIGC) “deal” makes for a very interesting case study. I’ve written about the secrecy that exists in the points world and even wrote a post called “Is there a ‘Code’ Among Points Bloggers?” The main idea is that there are tons of deals that exist in the points/miles world…

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The Home Improvement Gift Card, and Free Points


UPDATE: Many people on FlyerTalk are reporting this deal as dead. Buy at your own risk! It’s out there now, so I don’t mind posting this. Shortly after Chase and Office Depot changed the rules for Visas and Vanilla Reloads, another opportunity has presented itself. You can buy a fee-free Home Improvement Gift Card from…

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I Can Confirm that $500 Visa GCs Have Returned to Office Depot

Huge stacks available at my local OD!

EDIT: Reports are that the store I went to has now pulled these particular gift cards off the shelf. Stay tuned. I was in line for dinner earlier tonight and decided to read Twitter while waiting. I immediately saw this post from Frequent Miler, noting how one of his readers named Grant (of Travel with…

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The Bluebird/SPG Reward Night Cost Chart

SPG Reward Chart

I got a lot of positive (and some negative) feedback for my Bluebird/Chase Ink Award Cost Chart post, so I decided to do it again for one of my other favorite cards – the SPG Amex card. The Amex SPG card only earns one point per dollar on all non-SPG spend. No bonuses, ever. And…

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