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The Biggest Credit Card Bonus I’ve Ever Seen

A few years back people went crazy when I posted about the Amex Platinum 100K Bonus. And for good reason – at that time, those points were worth quite a bit more than they are today (devaluations have taken their toll). Last year I took advantage of a 150K bonus offer for a Business Amex…

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How to Use Gift Cards and Money Orders to Manufacture Spend

This one is a favorite among MSers.

Update: Note that Vanilla branded gift cards (like the ones pictured below) no longer work. Other Visas, like the ones sold at grocery stores and certain malls, do still work.   One of the most popular ways to manufacture spend (i.e. rack up a ton of miles/points cheaply) right now is by buying PIN-enabled gift…

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Make Money and Earn Points from Staples!

PayPal is essentially cash.

    There’s currently an opportunity to earn Ultimate Rewards points for free and make money, or alternatively just make a good amount of money and not earn points if that’s what you’re interested in. This is brought to you by our good friends at Staples. Here’s what you need: An Ink Bold/Plus card from Chase. A…

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How to Use Bluebird and Vanilla Reloads


Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? UPDATE: Note that you can no longer purchase Vanilla Reloads from CVS and most other locations using a credit card. Some locations do still allow it, but it’s VERY regional and VERY YMMV. You can still load Bluebird with PIN-enabled gift cards by taking them to any…

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A New Way to Manufacture Spend: Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues

DraftKings accepts all credit cards. Other websites are more restrictive.

Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? This one is definitely not for everyone and usually requires you to float money (depending on how aggressive you are). But for all you sports lovers – time to get excited! I’ve been sitting on this manufactured spend technique for a couple of years, debating on whether…

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Guest Post – My Second Credit Card Churn: Laying a Foundation

New Cards!

Robert Dwyer is a deal hound who spends hours each day thinking about points, and how to use them for awesome family vacations. He writes about wine at The Wellesley Wine Press. You can follow Robert on Twitter: @RobertDwyer It’s been four months since I applied for a credit card, and with my home mortgage refinance behind me it…

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Make Money and Earn Points on Your $1,000 PIN-Enabled Visa Gift Cards! [EXPIRED]

Gift Card Mall v3

A couple of days ago, Daraius at Million Mile Secrets wrote about how you can get $1,000 PIN-enabled Visa gift cards from Gift Card Mall. As he notes, this has many advantages, particularly for people that are having difficulty purchasing Vanilla Reload cards to meet their minimum spend requirements. Personally, my favorite use for this would…

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Cheap Points via Green Dot MoneyPak Reloads at RiteAid

What do you see? I see free points!

Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? A lot of people seemed to forget about the good old Amex Prepaid cards when Bluebird came along. And for good reason – Bluebird is by far the easiest way to create points for ultra cheap, but it’s not the only way. In fact, there are a…

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Beginners Guide Part 5: There are LOTS of Ways to Earn Points

Increasing credit card spend is easy with all the options!

Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? Note that this post could easily be titled “How to Meet Minimum Spend Requirements” since it’s essentially the same thing. Hopefully by now you’ve figured out what you want, are taking advantage of limited time offers, are accruing points in lots of accounts, and know your spending habits really well. If you’ve gotten…

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