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Sometimes it’s Better to NOT Transfer Your Ultimate Rewards Points

Booking Through United

Almost everything you’ve read in blogs and on FlyerTalk has probably pointed you in the direction of transferring your points to a loyalty program instead of redeeming using the Pay with Points feature on Ultimate Rewards. And it’s true that in most cases you’ll get better value from transferring your points than taking cash back…

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The Argument for Elite Status and Mileage Running

US Airways Example

I wrote this post several months ago, but my readership has grown significantly since then. I’ve decided to re-post some of my more popular posts for my new readers. Although I wasn’t able to attend the Chicago Seminars for frequent travel geeks, there was one item discussed that I found interesting: whether mileage running and…

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A Great Website for Casual Travelers and Experts Alike

Casual travelers will love The Flight Deal, and experts love it too!

If you travel a lot and status means a lot to you, you’ve probably considered doing a mileage run at some point by attempting to get the cheapest fare possible (read why mileage running is worth it). Likewise, if you don’t travel a lot but yearn to get away somewhere for quick weekend trips, you’ve…

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