Quick Hits: Get Paid to Earn Points and a Transfer Bonus

Image credit to @Somempire from Twitter.

Save $20 with  $300 in MasterCard Purchases at OfficeMax Reader @Somempire tweeted me this deal this weekend. This one should be a no-brainer if you've done this for any period of time. Use your … [Read more...]

Make Money and Earn Points from Staples!

PayPal is essentially cash.

    There's currently an opportunity to earn Ultimate Rewards points for free and make money, or alternatively just make a good amount of money and not earn points if that's what you're … [Read more...]

Black Friday Gift Card Deals at OfficeMax

OfficeMax Ad Scan

Black Friday is a strange day. It's the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season when many people decide to line up to save money at their favorite stores just after eating a big Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Manufactured Spend Updates from Around the Web

There have been a few changes recently that impact some people that participate in "manufactured spend," which is basically spending a lot of money on your credit card buying items (usually gift … [Read more...]

The Aftermath of the Home Improvement Gift Card Deal

This card is the cause of much woe to many people right now.

The recent Home Improvement Gift Card (HIGC) "deal" makes for a very interesting case study. I've written about the secrecy that exists in the points world and even wrote a post called "Is there a … [Read more...]

The Home Improvement Gift Card, and Free Points


UPDATE: Many people on FlyerTalk are reporting this deal as dead. Buy at your own risk! It's out there now, so I don't mind posting this. Shortly after Chase and Office Depot changed the rules for … [Read more...]

I Can Confirm that $500 Visa GCs Have Returned to Office Depot

Huge stacks available at my local OD!

EDIT: Reports are that the store I went to has now pulled these particular gift cards off the shelf. Stay tuned. I was in line for dinner earlier tonight and decided to read Twitter while waiting. I … [Read more...]

Save 10% on Amazon Gift Cards, Plus Earn 5x


Via Slickdeals (bookmark this site if you haven't already), OfficeMax will have a sale on Amazon Kindle gift cards next week. You will save $5 on two $25 Amazon Kindle gift cards, so you pay $45 for … [Read more...]

Make Money and Earn Points on Your $1,000 PIN-Enabled Visa Gift Cards! [EXPIRED]

Gift Card Mall v3

A couple of days ago, Daraius at Million Mile Secrets wrote about how you can get $1,000 PIN-enabled Visa gift cards from Gift Card Mall. As he notes, this has many advantages, particularly for people … [Read more...]

Target Gift Card Extravaganza

If you follow the points world very carefully, you probably noticed there was an amazing deal today on $100 Target gift cards. The deal was part of a larger promotion giving $10 off $100 purchases of … [Read more...]