Have Cash? Get 50,000 Miles from Investment Accounts!

Miles from Investment Accounts

  Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet?     One of the relatively constant mileage deals over the last few years has been the ability to earn bonus miles from … [Read more...]

Quick Hits: Get Paid to Earn Points and a Transfer Bonus

Image credit to @Somempire from Twitter.

Save $20 with  $300 in MasterCard Purchases at OfficeMax Reader @Somempire tweeted me this deal this weekend. This one should be a no-brainer if you've done this for any period of time. Use your … [Read more...]

Free 2-day Weekend Car Rental from Avis (No Strings Attached!)

Avis First

I saw this on PointsCentric: Sign up for Avis First and you will receive a free 2-day weekend car rental coupon code. Sign up at this link using a MasterCard credit card. … [Read more...]

Various Free Points Offers

Travel Summary

There are several opportunities to get free points at the moment. While it may not be a ton of points, you'll be surprised at how quickly these can add up sometimes. You also don't want to be ready to … [Read more...]

Make Money and Earn Points from Staples!

PayPal is essentially cash.

    There's currently an opportunity to earn Ultimate Rewards points for free and make money, or alternatively just make a good amount of money and not earn points if that's what you're … [Read more...]

The Home Improvement Gift Card, and Free Points


UPDATE: Many people on FlyerTalk are reporting this deal as dead. Buy at your own risk! It's out there now, so I don't mind posting this. Shortly after Chase and Office Depot changed the rules for … [Read more...]

Make Money and Earn Points on Your $1,000 PIN-Enabled Visa Gift Cards! [EXPIRED]

Gift Card Mall v3

A couple of days ago, Daraius at Million Mile Secrets wrote about how you can get $1,000 PIN-enabled Visa gift cards from Gift Card Mall. As he notes, this has many advantages, particularly for people … [Read more...]

Beginners Guide Part 5: There are LOTS of Ways to Earn Points

Increasing credit card spend is easy with all the options!

Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? Note that this post could easily be titled "How to Meet Minimum Spend Requirements" since it's essentially the same thing. Hopefully by … [Read more...]

Holiday Giveaway Winners Announced!


Remember the fine print I had in my giveaway? Where I said "I reserve the right to change this drawing and do whatever I want with these prizes. So don’t do anything weird?" Well, you guys did … [Read more...]

Free Hilton Honors Points!

You can earn 500 free Hilton Honors points for very little work by clicking this link. Like the page, watch/share the video, enter your info and you're done. Points will not post immediately. Every … [Read more...]