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Ultra Cheap Flights from the US to Around the World! Book Now! (Expired)

For economy, this is worth it!

I’ve written before about how The Flight Deal is one of my favorite websites. Today I woke up to see one of their posts showing some fantastic fares being published from a Norwegian website on most flights that United Airlines flies. These are ULTRA-low fare prices. I booked LAX-IAD-DXB (Los Angeles to Dubai) for $281…

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A Great Website for Casual Travelers and Experts Alike

Casual travelers will love The Flight Deal, and experts love it too!

If you travel a lot and status means a lot to you, you’ve probably considered doing a mileage run at some point by attempting to get the cheapest fare possible (read why mileage running is worth it). Likewise, if you don’t travel a lot but yearn to get away somewhere for quick weekend trips, you’ve…

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