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British Airways Avios Devaluation as of 4/28/15

New Avios Award Chart

Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet?   British Airways Avios are (used to be?) one of my favorite points/miles currencies. You get access to the Oneworld Alliance of airlines, which includes American Airlines, US Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Iberia, and more, and while the distance-based award chart can be difficult for some…

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Avios Discount on Select Award Routes for 11 days Only!

Avios Discount

British Airways is running a promotion where the price of flights from London to select cities are being discounted by 50%. There is also a list of cities being discounted by 25%. The list of cities is extensive so you can view the full list here, and note the following restrictions: Flights must be booked…

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The Best Avios Routes to Fly – Maximize the Distance Based Award Chart

Best Avios Routes

Have you signed up for TravelCon OC yet? British Airways Avios are a somewhat unique type of points because of the distance-based award chart they use. Because of the way the chart is put together, there are certain routes and parts of the world that are better to redeem Avios for than others. This can…

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Use Avios to Upgrade Paid Tickets to Business Class

Avios to Upgrade

One of the lesser known but still extremely valuable features of the British Airways Avios program is the ability to use Avios to upgrade from Economy/Premium Economy/Business to Premium Economy/Business/First. If you’re trying to maximize the value of your points based on the actual cash value of the tickets you’re buying, then using Avios to…

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Some Useful 4,500 Avios Redemptions Around the World

You can go a lot of places with just 4,500 Avios from New York!

British Airways Avios (which is what they call their frequent flyer miles) are the best mileage/points currency for short flights because it uses a distance-based award chart. Flights up to 650 miles cost just 4,500 Avios each way, flights between 651-1,151 miles are 7,500 Avios each way, between 1,152-2,000 miles costs 10,000 Avios each way,…

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Don’t Always Trust the Taxes and Fees Quoted on the Avios Search Page

British Airways Avios are one of my favorite mileage currencies because of how cheap I can get short-distance trips. Southern California (where I live) to San Francisco, Las Vegas, or Phoenix is only 4,500 Avios and $2.50 each way flying on American Airlines or US Airways, for example. They’re also extremely useful on international itineraries,…

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British Airways Improving Award Search Engine Again!

British Airways Award Search

In December I wrote about several positive changes that British Airways made with it’s award search engine. Before, it was annoying and required tons of clicks to display the information you needed. Their last improvement made it so you could immediately see partner airline flights, which was very useful. Today’s new feature is that you…

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British Airways Upgrades Avios Booking Site, and it’s Better!

British Airways Avios were a little annoying to book before. Remember when you had to click “Get flights” and then click “Search Partner Availability” even when it was obvious British Airways itself didn’t fly that route? Well, that extra step is now a thing of the past! Booking Avios is now a little easier because…

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