American Airlines Miles Devalue! [Update: Maybe not!]

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UPDATE: Lucky from One Mile at a Time posted an update from AA, saying that it was a mistake and that fuel surcharges should not be added to AA awards. I’m not sure I buy it, but that might just be me thinking that social media makes a bigger difference than it does. Either way, seems we can relax!


Via Lucky from One Mile at a Time, American Airlines look ready to add fuel surcharges to ALL award bookings effective immediately. However, as of the writing of this post, fuel surcharges are only being calculated when calling in to book an award and not on online bookings. Like Lucky does, I suggest you book flights online using your AA miles now! Like literally, now.

You can put awards on hold for 5 days from the AA website. Just go through the booking process and after you enter your personal information, you’ll see a button at the bottom right corner that says “hold”. I was just 800 miles away from an award I wanted, and had to buy miles at a painful price of $67 for 1K AA miles and they’ll post within 72 hours. SPG transfers will take longer than the 5 day hold. I am making the assumption that they will honor the quote for the award on hold rather than recalculating new taxes/fees, although Lucky mentioned they’re calculated when ticketed. I can hope…

Once fully implemented, this will be a massive devaluation. And the sad part is that you just know United, Delta, and maybe even US are going to follow suit. I wrote about devaluations recently, and this one is going to be a huge negative for people like us. My general suggestion is to use your points as soon as possible, but now I’m going to take that up a notch and say I highly recommend you burn, burn, burn…at least from your US mileage accounts.

If there was ever a time to plan your next vacation(s)…NOW is the time!


    • Anything that’s bookable online at AA’s website can be booked without surcharges right now. Sadly that means no Cathay. Qantas will probably be the one that you stand to save the most on.

  1. If i book a flight now via online and later change the date and/or add stopovers, do you think they will tack on surcharges?

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